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Learn how to unlock the power of “the other AI”—Appreciative Inquiry—in our first season of Inspiring Impacts

Hear real stories of impact!

Appreciative Inquiry is one of the best kept secrets behind meaningful and lasting change at organizations like Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Apple, The Cleveland Clinic, and the United Nations. In each episode, we’ll hear from leaders and experts who have achieved astonishing results at their organizations, from improved teamwork and productivity, to increased engagement and revenue.  Get inspired with “Inspiring Impacts,” brought to you by the Cooperrider Center for Appreciative Inquiry at Champlain College.

You’ll hear stories about how Appreciative Inquiry impacted safety at a manufacturing plant; the patient experience at a cancer treatment center; teacher and parent experiences in the early childhood education space; campuses wrestling with DEI in the wake of George Floyd; company culture during a period of high growth and change; and more!

This season’s guests, with host Dr. Lindsey Godwin, include:

  • From Steel Mills to Dinner Tables: The Power of Storytelling with Dr. Ron Fry
  • Trauma-Informed Appreciative Inquiry: Unlocking Resonant Transformation with Dr. Yabome Gilpin-Jackson
  • Transforming Cancer Care Through Appreciative Inquiry with Liz Vogel
  • From Collective Intelligence to Collective Action: Unlocking the Power of the Whole System with Luc Verheijen
  • Unleashing Student Strengths: The Power of Appreciative Advising with Dr. Jenny Bloom
  • Transforming Early Childhood Education: Empowering Educators and Young Learners with Ellen Drolette
  • From Small Shop to Billion Dollar Success: The Journey of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters with Pru Sullivan
  • Empowering Equity and Racial Justice with Dr. Ame Lambert
  • Shaping Singapore’s Future with Jackie Wong
  • Mindfulness and Positive Reframing: The Appreciative Intelligence® Model with Tojo Thatchenkery
  • Embedding AI as a Company’s Core Cultural Driver with Cindy Stull
  • Pioneering the Appreciative Inquiry Revolution with David Cooperrider

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