Embedding AI as a Company’s Core Cultural Driver with Cindy Stull

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Cindy Stull is the Chief Revenue Officer at Dealer Tire. Listen in as Cindy joins host Dr. Lindsey Godwin to shed light on how she’s spearheading large change initiatives and moving organizations in inspirational directions through Appreciative Inquiry.

“Learning more about Appreciative Inquiry has given me the structure and science behind why it works and helped me to leverage new methodologies, new tools, take what might have been a natural collaborative style to just a whole different level based on the research that’s out there.”

-Cindy Stull

Cindy inspires us to foster a company culture that’s rooted in Appreciative Inquiry and thoughtful questions. She highlights the powerful benefits of hosting an Appreciative Inquiry summit along with how Appreciative Inquiry can improve every aspect of leadership and business.

If you’re looking to drive strategic and cultural advancements across your organization, this episode is one to take notes on!

Cindy Stull is Partner & Chief Revenue Officer at Dealer Tire in Cleveland Ohio. Dealer Tire is a value-added distributor that manages tire programs for over 20 automotive manufacturers. Cindy joined the company in 2006 and is responsible for leading a team of over 500 people who help auto dealerships to be more profitable and drive customer retention. Previously holding the positions of Chief Sales Officer and Chief People & Strategy Officer, Cindy plays a key role in shaping the strategy and culture of Dealer Tire, while ensuring top-notch execution.

Episode Highlights:

  • How Cindy uses Appreciative Inquiry to solve problems, increase engagement, and achieve long-lasting change in organizations like Dealer Tire.
  • What is an Appreciative Inquiry summit and how do these AI summits impact employees and customers?
  • How Appreciative Inquiry can improve talent management, safety programs, and diversity and inclusion in leadership.
  • Why Cindy choose to adopt an appreciative approach to leadership

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