Shaping Singapore’s Future with Jacqueline Wong

Jacqueline Wong is a Singapore-based Appreciative Inquiry Practitioner and Founder/Managing Director of Sequoia Group. Listen in as Jackie shares with host Dr. Lindsey Godwin how she’s been integrating Appreciative Inquiry into Singapore’s labor movement, healthcare system, community engagement, and more!

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“I want to say how important it is to understand the principles of AI, not just the tools and the techniques and the questions.”

— Jackie Wong

In this episode, Jackie sheds light on the powerful impact of intentionally seeking where things are working and asking new questions to figure out how we can sustain success together. She breaks down some prime examples of how she has used this Appreciative Inquiry methodology to bring positive change to the people and systems of Singapore (and how you can, too!).

Jackie Wong is an Appreciative Inquiry Practitioner and Founder/Managing Director of Sequoia Group, a management consultancy specializing in Leadership & Organizational Development (OD). She is the Founder of Imagine Singapore and board member of the International Appreciative Inquiry Journal.

Episode Highlights

  • How Jackie first used Appreciative Inquiry to help transform Singapore’s labor movement.
  • The behind-the-scenes of Imagine Singapore, which aims to create hope and possibility through AI and meaningful conversations.
  • Reimagining Singapore’s Healthcare: How Appreciative Inquiry fueled a quest for a sustainable, relationship-based healthcare system.

Resources Mentioned

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