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In a world full of organizational challenges, professionals with Appreciative Inquiry skills have never been more in demand. Whether you are looking to improve your communication abilities, learn how to energize your team, co-create a compelling vision, or facilitate positive change, our accessible and experiential educational offerings can help you get there. Rather than lecture, we invite you into conversations with experts to learn, explore, and practice appreciative inquiry.

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Become a certified AI Practitioner! A certification will demonstrate your expertise at facilitating organizational change, leading group transformation, and coaching leaders and organizations through processes that will energize their greatest assets – their people!


We offer a number of workshops to help you explore applications of appreciative approaches. You can join an open enrollment course (when available), or contact us to set up a tailored offering for your team or organization. Choose your program…

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All of Champlain College’s graduate programs are embedded with strength-based approaches to leadership and change. The below programs will expose you to the principles, tools, and resources of appreciative inquiry. Choose your program…
What surprised me most was how energizing the material is, how energizing doing this course is even in the midst of the stresses and demands of my work and life commitments. It is not “one more task” but a welcome stream of insight and possibility in the midst of all of the things I need to do.
Online AI Certification Participant, Spring 2021 Cohort

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Interested in learning more about AI? Want to help you or your organization grow in positive ways? Have research or real-world successes to share? 

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