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“I would like to commend you (David Cooperrider) for your methodology of Appreciative Inquiry and to thank you for introducing it to the United Nations. Without this, it would have been very difficult, perhaps even impossible, to constructively engage so many leaders of business, civil society, and government.”
– UN Secretary General Kofi Annan

“I believe in AI to the end. This work is not going to stop here…Appreciative Inquiry is the way to rediscover and tap into our core strengths and highest potentials. It also helps us develop our self-talk in a constructive way and encourages us to bring out our best qualities in serving this institution. Appreciative Inquiry is a method that helps us develop the goals and dreams that support the future of our Navy.”
– Admiral Vernon Clark, CNO of the US Navy

“AI is one of those rare grounded and practical frameworks that can change one’s perspective of what is possible. It provides a process for channeling the amorphous energy of social constructionism into coherent and inspirational visions and actions.”
– David Stiller, Investor Relations Manager, Sunrise Management Services LLC, Burlington, VT

“As an academic and advisor to companies on Conscious Capitalism, I have experienced the huge impact that AI can have on companies and all their stakeholders: discovering a sense of shared purpose, aligning their interests together, discovering exciting new ways of creating value so that all can not only win, but win more, and creating cultures suffused by caring and passion. AI is a huge contribution to our collective understanding of how we can bring about greater individual, group, community, organizational, national and planetary flourishing.”
– Rajendra Sisodia, Co-Founder & Co-Chairman of Conscious Capitalism Inc.

“AI re-balances the polarity between deficit and strength-based approaches to transformational change, between love and fear as motivating forces for learning and growth. This is much needed in our world today. It has been the easiest innovation to be adopted by my colleagues globally.”
– Johanne Lavoie, Entity Partner, McKinsey and Company

“David Cooperrider’s AI guidance during our “whole system in the room” summit in 2012 and later on “our DNA” sessions have been game changing for the future of Schuberg Philis. As a company we are now on our way to becoming a fully human organization and to creating a future where business acts as the most positive force, where people live to their full potential.”
– Pim Berger, Philip Dries and Gerwin Schuring, CEO Board, Schuberg Philis

“With Appreciative Inquiry, the monumental and complex task of convening a vast network of stakeholders to address our New York region’s infrastructure opportunities became systematic, inclusive, energized, and transformative. Dr. Cooperrider was an inspiration to our community and has left his mark on a better Tech Valley.”
– Michael Tucker, President & CEO, Center for Economic Growth, New York

“We have called on David Cooperrider for four company-wide summits and have found his Appreciative Inquiry (AI) approach to be innovative, motivating, and inspiring. AI has created amazing positive change throughout Fairmount Santrol and helped to develop leaders at all levels of our organization. We’ve experienced phenomenal growth as a company since embedding ‘AI.'”
– Jenniffer Deckard, CEO, Fairmount Santrol

“Appreciative Inquiry has transformed our approach to sustainability-it is now being owned by the whole organization, and the AI summit was instrumental in achieving this.”
 Mike Westcott, Group HR Director, National Grid, London

“Against the gloomy backdrop of a global economic recession, the Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland’s 2010 AI summit catalyzed a ground swell of civic energy that propelled our vision to build an innovative contemporary art museum. Employing positive change and broad constituent alignment to sharpen vision and purpose, AI is a powerful and transformational management tool. Our AI summit left a resonating wake of civility, aspiration, and risk taking that has become core to our culture.”
– Jill Snyder, Executive Director, MOCA Cleveland

“To watch David transform a room of problem-obsessed auditors at PWC into a group of hope-fueled, opportunity seeking leaders exceeded every expectation we had for what an Appreciative Inquiry approach could achieve. …After years of arduous and ineffective investments in change management, it was a welcome surprise to discover the ability for this simple but powerful process to quickly unite individual strengths into a shared strategy and ignite heart-felt commitment to delivering positive change across our organization.”
– Michelle McQuaid, PriceWaterhouseCoopers and best-selling author, What Good is Positive Business?

“With the help of David Cooperrider and AI, we at Dealer Tire were able to bring most of our organization together in an AI summit to create guiding principles for our organization. With our double-digit growth year after year, it was critical that we preserve our positive core while allowing for rapid change to meet the needs of our customers. Leveraging AI for large-scale change and implementing and embedding those principles has allowed us to grow and innovate while preserving the core of what has made us great!”
– Cindy Stull, Partner, Chief Sales Officer, Dealer Tire, Cleveland

“Not only does Appreciative Inquiry drive better work and results, but it also nourishes the well-being of the people doing the work and responsible for the results.”
– Marcella Kanfer Rolnick, Vice Chair, GOJO Industries

“When I first heard of AI, I thought it was yet another mediocre method in an already long list of facilitation techniques. I was wrong. I believe AI can change the world. Its ability to quickly bring large groups from conversation to action, in a positive way, is close to magic in my opinion. David’s dedication to using the method and teaching others to use it is awe-inspiring.”
– Elena A. Gerstmann, PhD, Head of Strategy, IEEE

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