Transforming Cancer Care Through Appreciative Inquiry with Liz Vogel

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Liz Vogel is the Senior Director of Organizational Development at Moffitt Cancer Center. Tune in as Liz speaks with host Dr. Lindsey Godwin about how she and her team are using appreciative inquiry to transform patient experiences while envisioning and planning the future of cancer treatment.

“Without a voice, without a certain perspective, there’s a risk, there’s actually sort of a business risk when you’re looking at solutions to missing something.”

— Liz Vogel

Liz breaks down her approach to integrating multiple diverse perspectives through appreciative inquiry and the importance of integrating the whole system in organizational development. She touches on how appreciative inquiry can improve skills, like communication and problem-solving. Then, Liz shares how her experience as a Moffitt patient has informed her work within the organization.

As Senior Director of Organizational Development for Moffitt Cancer Center, Liz has provided strategic insight, solutions, and organizational design across the organization. She has transformed the OD department to operate as a professional service model. She is responsible for Moffitt’s executive development to enable long-term business and financial stability for the organization and leads the VP tier in cross-collaboration and advanced understanding of integrated hospital operations.

Episode Highlights

  • How Liz utilizes appreciative inquiry to create an energizing and psychologically safe environment for stakeholders to share ideas for improving the patient experience.
  • Why is it so important to engage the whole system in organizational change work?
  • How to use the “yes and” technique to create an appreciative space for different perspectives to be honored.
  • How appreciative inquiry helps us approach challenges in different ways.
  • How Moffitt Cancer Center is using AI to envision and plan the future of cancer treatment.
  • Liz shares her experience being a cancer patient at Moffitt and how that influences her organizational development work.
  • The importance of businesses having tough conversations instead of avoiding conflict or difference of opinion.

Resources Mentioned: Moffitt Cancer Center

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