ODN Summit 2023 | Social Impact: Addressing the Challenges of Now.

June 11-14, 2023 | The McKimmon Center at NC State | Raleigh, NC

A Reimagined Experiential Conference

For their 2023 gathering, The Organization Development Network (ODN), the largest association supporting the work of organization development practitioners globally, reimagined the traditional conference experience in a bold response to their members’ requests for more time to practice and connect with each other while making a real impact.

Over three days in June, seasoned OD professionals, emerging practitioners, students, and OD curious worked side by side with international OD thought leaders and designers. Participants were immersed in learning and application of appreciative inquiry, human systems dynamics, and whole system change methodologies through three tracks: EARTHSHOT OD, led by Lindsey Godwin and David Cooperrider; HUMAN FLOURISHING, led by Yabome Gilpin Jackson, Judy Oyedele, and Sasha Farley; and ADAPTIVE ACTION FOR SUSTAINABILITY, led by Glenda Eoyang, Ahmed Avais, and Mary Nations.

The Cooperrider Center was proud to partner with the Fowler Center for Business as an Agent of World Benefit at Case Western Reserve University to support the Earthshot OD track.

Earthshot OD

In their recent special issue of the OD Review Journal, Drs. Lindsey Godwin and David Cooperrider opened their article, “Our Earthshot Moment Net Positive OD for the Creation of a World of Full Spectrum Flourishing” with a quote from the CEOs of Ikea and the B-Team:

We are in a critical decade, maybe the most important one for humankind…climate change has accelerated and converged with multiple global crises: a once-in-a-century pandemic, widespread economic turmoil, a reckoning on race, democratic backsliding, mass migration, the crisis of social media, and rising inequality alongside diminishing trust in public institutions…the clock is ticking, future generations are counting on us, and ‘history has its eyes on us.’ How will you choose to lead? How will history remember you?
– Jesper Brodin, CEO IKEA & Halla Tomasdottir, CEO B Team

Drs. Godwin and Cooperrider view this bold invitation as an incredible opportunity to elevate and activate OD as a field of theory and practice that propels and provides the change leadership and collaborative human change capacities required to mobilize cooperative change and planetary regeneration. With this in mind, they took this in-person conference opportunity to guide participants through a 4-D summit experience of Discovery, Dream, Design, and Deliver to explore:

  • How might we create an OD community of inquiry and capacity, equal in size, stature, and capacity to this earthshot call of our time?
  • Can we prototype the OD education, knowledge base, cross field connections, and new or enriched curriculums for earthshot OD? What might a platform for research and learning look like? A learning library?
  • Can we imagine a community of change capacity commensurate with this watershed moment in history where we are putting Nature, People, and the Planet at the heart of OD’s purpose?
  • How might we serve all of our clients, for example those in business and industry, to be ahead of the change curve in their capacity to transform big social and global challenges into business opportunities to boldly lead—and to co-create the kinds of successful 21st century net-positive enterprises that will be loved by their customers and their stakeholders, emulated by their peers, and prized by all those who care about the next decisive decades of the planet?

Over 60 participants went through the process and walked away with seven aspirational statements and action plans and will continue to connect in the coming months to advance this work. Below please find the workbook, facilitator guides, and inspirational content from that meeting. If you have any questions or want to be connected to the ongoing work, please contact the Cooperrider Center.

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