Dr. Lindsey Godwin & Dr. David Cooperrider awarded 2023 Outstanding Article of the Year

Congratulations are in order for Cooperrider Center Academic Director Dr. Lindsey Godwin and Cooperrider Center Honorary Chair Dr. David Cooperrider as they prepare to accept the Organization Development Network’s 2023 Outstanding Article of the Year award at the ODN Summit at North Carolina State University on June 14th. Each year, this award recognizes the outstanding, substantive, research grounded article published in the Network’s professional, peer-reviewed, publication.

Their acclaimed article, Our Earthshot Moment: Net Positive OD for the Creation of a World of Full Spectrum Flourishing, was first published in the OD Review Spring 2022 Special Issue One Giant Leap: How Organization Development and Change Can Help Organizations, Industries, and World-changing Megacommunities Lead the Net-Positive Earthshot. Earlier this year it was featured in the OD Review Essentials Volume 1: History & Evolution of Organization Development issue as one of the 18 best OD review articles of all time.

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