Rod Ely

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and Florida Gulf Coast University

Rod is a talented Business Executive and Appreciative Inquiry Champion who leads organizations to quickly and clearly identify the positive core of the business in a way that produces magical results. Utilizing the tools and process of appreciative inquiry Rod is able to ignite the positive passion of the organization delivering seemingly unimaginable benefit and success especially during challenging times or apparent chaos. As an organizational leader Rod achieves superior results by growing organizations that deliver innovative programs that positively impact the company and its shareholders. He has extensive experience delivering significant business value leveraging People, Process and Applications for leading $4B Consumer Products company during explosive growth years. Rod is adept in leading multiple, strategic and tactical initiatives to increase profit and market share through:

  • Developing Contagious Magic
  • New Product Development
  • Cultivating the positive core and culture of the organization
  • Simplified Budgets and Strategic Planning
  • Cross-functional Team Coaching
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy
  • Inspiring Leadership at all Levels
As a Technology and Business Executive with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Rod mastered the role of Steering team coach on major programs which led to profitable and explosive growth. His leadership role on the Steering team for corporate social responsibility was particularly rewarding as he mentored and challenged the organization to find the positive energy alignment of the company with world benefit. Currently Rod serves as a Board Member for the Institute for Entrepreneurship at Florida Gulf Coast University and is actively engaged in strategic planning, mentoring and coaching. He is also working with the David Cooperrider Center for Appreciative Inquiry at Champlain College focusing on formalization of Appreciative Inquiry as the foundation for brilliant Strategic Planning and Project Management. Rod seeks to partner with organizations looking to make a significant positive difference for their business and in the world around them

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