Alyssa Doyle Labare

Senior Operations and Communications Coordinator

Alyssa joined the Cooperrider Center only a few months after its dedication, as the first full-time employee. Over the past 7+ years, Alyssa’s role has grown along with the Center. As the Senior Operations and Communications Coordinator she is passionate about making everything pop, from communication to content creation. She approaches all projects, big or small, with enthusiasm and curiosity. With over a decade of experience within higher education, Alyssa has worked in a variety of marketing and communications roles where she’s been able to strengthen her skills and deepen her knowledge. Her time with CCAI has only ignited her passion for creating designs that leave positive, inspired impressions. She holds a B.A. in Journalism from Keene State College, and a M.A. in Communications Management from Emerson College. She has worked for institutions such as Dartmouth College, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and MIT Sloan. Outside of the work, Alyssa is always looking for a new series to binge, book to read, or activity to entertain herself along with her husband, twin toddlers and two dogs. A self-proclaimed “Jane of all trades, master of none,” she can be found creating even in her spare time - whether it’s woodworking, sewing or painting, her most commonly used phrase is “I could make that for less.”

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