Hani N. Boulos


Hani N. Boulos... Entrepreneur, husband, father, and a doctoral student... An entrepreneur by passion, a mechanical engineer by training and a lifelong learner by choice… Hani is currently engaged in a doctoral research and enjoys surfing the learning curve of ‘purposing organization’. His inspiration comes from his lived experience as an entrepreneur where he firmly believes that there must be different and better ways to organize in today’s world. In the early years of Hani’s professional responsibilities as CEO at LINK and TUBE - manufacturing businesses serving the writing instruments and pharmaceutical packaging sectors – it was made clear to him that while his expertise is in engineering to improve processes and optimize manufacturing plants, his real passion is to inspire people for self-development and to design life-giving systems to sustain and empower this development and growth. Hani believes that management is an invention that needs to continuously be re-invented and innovated to adapt to human evolution. He sees that its foundation lies jointly on science, art and craft. In practice, Hani’s current engagement in his business is in enabling an ongoing collective crafting of adaptive strategies & practices for superior business performance, wellbeing as well as remarkable customer intimacy. Through his various business initiatives, and while being currently CEO of Innovamarks, Hani follows his aspirations for human development, wellbeing and continuous organizational growth. He has also served for many years in boards of non-profit organizations. The common denominator in all these activities is Hani's passion and unyielding belief in the power of human spirit and that every person is capable of ‘Greatness’. Hani has graduated from the American University in Cairo (AUC) with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and from the University of McGill, in Canada, with a Master of Management, where he has also accomplished an International Management diploma in the Practice of Management (IMPM) jointly with McGill, Insead (France), Lancaster (UK), Indian Institute of Management at Bangalore (India) and Renmin University (China). Prior to his enrollment at Case Western Reserve University, in USA, for the Doctor of Management program to do research, Hani has kept his practitioner passion alive and grounded in cutting-edge research by accomplishing the Executive Program of Growing Companies at Stanford, USA. Hani currently lives in Montreal and enjoys being present to and with his wife Liliane, his daughter, Claire and his son, Karim. He likes reading, traveling, learning, experimenting with new ideas and management practices, discovering new cultures, helping people, and playing soccer with his teammates as well as with Karim and Claire.

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