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Here at the Cooperrider Center, we believe in asking more compelling questions, creating inspiring images of the future,  looking to strengths, and involving every voice in visioning and capacity building. Today’s world needs human systems that are energizing, collaborative, capable, and fun – and we know how to create them. Whether you are looking to improve your one-on-one relationships, inspire more energized teams, or lead large scale organizational change, we have the stories, tools, resources and community that can help you make a lasting impact.

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Read more about the people behind the Center, our history and goals, and the leaders and organizations committed to our mission.

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Find out about our certification, workshops, and graduate courses. Register for upcoming events with the global AI community. Access resources that will help you learn more about appreciative inquiry and how it works!

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In Practice

Witness the powerful impacts of an appreciative approach. From the Cleveland Clinic case that started it all, to Fortune 500 companies whose massive growth was attributed to this approach, to everyday leaders igniting possibilities in their organizations, teams, and communities – these are the stories of how, and why, it works.

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I would like to commend you (David Cooperrider) for your methodology of Appreciative Inquiry and to thank you for introducing it to the United Nations. Without this, it would have been very difficult, perhaps even impossible, to constructively engage so many leaders of business, civil society, and government.
UN Secretary General Kofi Annan

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