Leadership for Good Summit “Imagine Cambodia: Co-creating a Shared Vision for 2050”

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Cambodia is transitioning into a new era with the renewal of leadership and commitment to resilient, sustainable, equitable growth and shared prosperity for all. Many promising trends are reinforcing the need for leadership that facilitates positive transformational systems change. In partnership with the Asian Vision Institute, Sequoia Group has conceptualised and organised a two-day Leadership for Good Summit for the purpose of articulating our collective aspirations and building shared commitment to achieve lasting positive impact for our country and home. This summit took place on 7 and 8 November 2023 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Objective of the Summit

  • Commune – To build a community of leaders who are committed to co-creating the Cambodia of their dreams
  • Co-discover – To co-discover our collective aspirations, strengths and challenges
  • Collective Action – To explore and identify opportunities for working with like-minded others on projects for collective impact

Appreciative Inquiry was the participatory methodology that provides the backbone of the summit engagement. More than 50% were under 30 years old, mirroring the youthful demographics of Cambodia. The youth are more educated, learned, travelled, and exposed to new possibilities. They are eager to bring to bear their gifts and assets to contribute towards development of their country and home. The presence of youth alongside senior leaders in the summit enables us to collectively and appreciatively ask: How might we harness the energy, enthusiasm, and capabilities of youth as we forge ahead into this new era towards achieving vision 2050?

To create the enduring change that Cambodia envisions, areas of deep learning needed and surfaced during the summit include:

  • Nurturing leadership and influence without authority
  • Genuine acceptance of differences and courage to hold generative conversations for lasting peace and reconciliation
  • Growing positive core through focus on strength and vision
  • Building shared ownership and commitment to vision
Read the Report
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