Leading in a Constantly Changing World Requires a Reinvention Mindset: Applying Appreciative Inquiry to Modern Leadership

Written by Dr. Lindsey Godwin

2020 provided indisputable evidence to support the old adage that change is the only constant. The perimeters of organizational life shifted almost overnight as the quick pivot to remote work erased boundaries between home and office. Things are continuing to shift as long-term remote work has become the reality for many, with one in six workers projected to continue working from home full or part time even after the pandemic is over. For others, the COVID-19 pandemic triggered entire career transitions in the wake of massive organizational restructurings, downsizings and closings that have left some 10 million employees without a job since the beginning of the pandemic.

Leading in these turbulent times requires not only embracing change but fundamentally rethinking it. With nearly every industry having been disrupted in some form over the past year, and the promise of continued turbulence ahead, leaders are realizing that the classic theories and models of change are no longer sufficient to address the sustained change in our modern world.

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