One Giant Leap: How OD Can Help Lead the Net-Positive Earthshot

This Special Issue of the OD Review edited by guest editors David Cooperrider and Lindsey Godwin, showcases authors who connect organization development with the pressing global challenges of our time and reimagine OD in the context of sustainable development goals, net positive organizations, tri-sector partnerships, and megacommunities. A theme that runs throughout this collection of articles is how business is experiencing a fundamental economic and social reset, moving from a model that is focused on efficiency to a model that is centered around stake holders and well being.

Volume 54, Issue 1, published Spring 2022


  • One Giant Leap: How Organization Development and Change Can Help Organizations, Industries, World-Changing Megacommunities, and Transformation Systems Lead the Net-Positive Earthshot David L. Cooperrider and Lindsey N. Godwin (Guest Editors)
  • Renewing the Purpose of OD: From Sustainability to Leading Social Change Philip Mirvis
  • What’s Trauma Got to Do With it? Facilitating our Giant Leap through Resonant Transformation and Trauma-Informed Appreciative Inquiry Yabome Gilpin-Jackson
  • Our Earthshot Moment: Net Positive OD for the Creation of a World of Full Spectrum Flourishing David Cooperrider and Lindsey Godwin
  • Organization Development as an Agent of Ecosystem Change: What It Will Really Take Jean M. Bartunek and Susan Albers Mohrman
  • FIFCO: A Healing Organization and OD’s New North Star Raj Sisodia and David Cooperrider
  • Leading By Nature for Flourishing Future-Fit Business: Embracing an OD in the Service of Life-Affirming Futures Giles Hutchins
  • From ESG Management to Positive Impact Creation: The Dual Mindset Transformation Katrin Muff
  • How to Change Organizations to Change Our World: A Time for Planetary Regeneration Jib Ellison and David Cooperrider
  • Putting Nature, People & Planet at the Heart of OD’s Purpose: A Systems Transformation Perspective Steve Waddell and Sandra Waddock
  • Putting Life-Centered Design into the Heart of Organizational Development: 24 Principles to Inform OD Practice Bruce Mau
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