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Clarke gathered a whole system of stakeholders to envision their future. Read more below, check out their highlight reel, and how they made the outcomes from the Summit stick!

Our first Appreciative Inquiry Summit was conducted in February of 2012. The event brought together all of our 130 employees from five countries, along with customers, suppliers, key external stakeholders, and sustainability thought leaders from other industries. In total, we had close to 200 people come together to use the 4D process of Discover, Dream, Design and Deploy, to explore our “proudest prouds”, discover our strengths and leverage those strengths to envision a more innovative and more sustainable Clarke.

By the end of the three days, we had identified 12 opportunity areas for implementing our Summit objective. Some opportunities were truly unique an innovative (such as the aspiration to create a Clarke Center of Innovation) and some challenged us to push the envelope on programs already in place. Such as the moment when someone shouted out a challenge to not just settle for waste reduction – why not set a goal of ZERO WASTE? Instead of Health & Wellness (one of our existing committees), why not aspire to EXTRAORDINARY HEALTH AND HAPPINESS?

Here’s what we learned about how to make sure your AI process leads to meaningful action — and how to make it stick.

Making the Summit Stick
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