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From upcoming workshops around the globe, to conferences, and local network events, there are many events happening in the global AI Community for you to explore and expand your AI learning journey. Use the search categories below to find upcoming conferences, classes, workshops and trainings, and meetings near you. Do you have an event you want to share? Submit it below!

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Coaching for Positive Change – Online! @ Online
Coaching for Positive Change – Online! @ Online
Oct 14 all-day
Positive Change Coaching is a co-creative process for human transformation. Through collaborative inquiry, dialogue and reflection, it enables people to integrate the best of their past with their strengths, values, and visions; to bring forth positively powerful performance and results. During these Sessions you will apply Appreciative Inquiry principles and other strength-based methodologies to coaching, gaining awareness of your “co-creative” presence, and enhance your capacities to: •Listen for the questions that need to be asked •Frame questions to discover and catalyze potential •Facilitate clients establishing clear positive intentions •Develop your co-creative process for guiding transformation •Tell stories to suggest new approaches to old problems •Trust your intuition to guide you and the coaching process
Build High Performance with Positive Leadership – Online! @ Online
Build High Performance with Positive Leadership – Online! @ Online
Oct 14 all-day
Developing Positive Leadership is important to engage people in today’s ever changing organizations. Developing a positive orientation to leadership increases your ability to bring out the best in people and organizations while enhancing the organization’s capacity for innovation and productivity. This workshop provides a transformational approach to identify your individual strengths and develop your own personal approach to positive leadership. Who Should Attend: Leaders who wish to amplify the inspirational side of their leadership. Leaders who recognize that new skills are necessary in contemporary times where the environment is dramatically changing, where the rules that have guided how we operate no longer apply, and where the best leaders will be transparent with their intentions, having a seamless link between their espoused values, actions, and behaviors. Human Resources and Organizational Development professionals looking for leadership developmental approaches that increase employee engagement and organizational performance.
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