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Practical Appreciative Inquiry facilitator training @ Online via Zoom, with supporting instructional videos
Jan 16 @ 5:00 pm – Feb 6 @ 6:30 pm

The aim of the Practical Appreciative Inquiry course is to give you everything you need to get started using Appreciative Inquiry with teams and small groups, even if you’ve never used Appreciative Inquiry before.

The curriculum goes like this:

Pre-Study: Intro to Appreciative Inquiry, where it came from, why it works, Principles, and the 5-D format (Definition, Discover, Dream, Design, and Delivery or Destiny)

Week 1: The ‘Definition’ stage: how to craft Affirmative Topic wording, a quick way to ‘flip’ problem statements into Affirmative Topics, a checklist of characteristics for successful Affirmative Topics, how to acknowledge ‘negatives’ and move beyond them, and what to do when it’s hard to get the topic wording right.

Week 2: How to facilitate the Discovery stage, and how to conduct successful Appreciative Interviews (formats, how to craft questions, what interviewers need to know)

Week 3: How to facilitate the Dream stage, formats for building a shared vision, how to encourage the ‘non-creative’ participant

Week 4: How to facilitate the Design stage, how to ensure quiet/introverted participants are heard, formats for getting from Dream to Delivery

Week 5: How to facilitate the Delivery stage, the Fishbone/Swim Lanes format for quick, inclusive planning, when (and when not) to use Appreciative Inquiry, review of course experience.

On top of the lessons, you also get:

Recordings of each lesson, in case you miss one or want to refer back to it
A one to one coaching session to help you plan your first Appreciative Inquiry implementation
Access to a private online group, where you can connect with fellow students
The AI Toolkit that gives you step by step instructions for how to conduct each stage, example session agendas from AI meetings that I’ve facilitated, what kind of art materials to use, etc.

The course now includes 33 learning-packed instructional videos (also available as audio and transcripts) covering every stage of the Appreciative Inquiry 5D cycle, to view at your own pace so you can back up the learning you get from the live calls and have a reference any time you need it in the future.